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The Business of Marriage

Every business needs to prosper, especially the business of marriage. If you don’t look at your marriage like a business you aren’t giving it the massive attention it needs to prosper. Marriage and business both require you to expand and create continually. There are four steps you need to take to get your business—and your marriage—on the right track:

1. Set a Target

No matter what area of life, if you have no target you’ll end up with nothing. People get in bad relationships because they don’t have a target on what they want. People don’t have money because they don’t ever set targets financially. If you want to be known—set a target. It’s very simple but people don’t do it. You have to know what you want before you go and get it.

2. Skill Up

Having a target is the starting point but you have to have the skills to know how to get it. I set my wife Elena as a target before we were married as the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with—but I also needed the game to win her heart over. Same with finances, people can have a million dollar target but if they have no skills it’s all pie-in-the-sky.

3. Keep the Target

Once you attain the target you have to be able to keep it. Elena once almost ended our relationship because I wasn’t doing the things necessary to create in the relationship. You have to keep delivering the goods after attaining the target. The same holds true in business.

4. Multiply it

All businesses must expand. Treat your marriage as a business. You want to treat your spouse as your most important client always working to please them and win them over. If you are short on creativity you are short on commitment. If you don’t know how to grow money you won’t know how to grow a relationship.

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Be great,


Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, motivator and online sales training expert. Cardone is a respected, highly regarded master salesperson whose passion is to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and services regardless of economic climate. His books, audio packages and seminars provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path to true freedom.

Adèle McLay
Adèle McLay is a high performance coach and business growth coach. She helps people to achieve the success they desire in their businesses, work and lives. Adèle is also an entrepreneur, inspiring professional speaker and teacher, as well as an author.


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